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Jul 01

“What if…” working together

By Rich Luker

July 1, 2010


I think momentum for doing more to enrich community is really building. That, or just because of what I am doing I am seeing more and more evidence of the work and passion of others to foster opportunities for family, friends and neighbors to strengthen the bonds of their relationships.


For years I have been aware that people want and need community and that there are wonderful examples of community all over the place. What feels different is that in the past those examples seemed few and far between and now they appear to be showing up closer to one another in time and space.


That means we are approaching a time when people who have already been enriching community alone can now do “What if…” thinking together.


What if there was a resource that explained the purpose or mission and process for every kind of organization that touches community? What if by accessing that reference you could easily know which organizations would support your initiative and what they have to offer that would most enrich what you are doing? What if that organization had a reference person for that very purpose and all these reference people “were on the same page” – had a working assumption of what it means to be an engaged community, why that is important, and a passion and commitment to make it happen?


I think that time is coming soon to a community near you…

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